Life Keys

guy_prayingThe People Builder team helps people to overcome a feeling of hopelessness that comes from not having enough time or energy to be everyone we are expected to be.

We aim to enlist the literary services of men and women from all walks of life, experts in their fields, ready, willing and able to share the Life Keys we need to stay on track.

Love to hear your story and give you my support to stay on track. Click on “Comment” below and drop me a line.


6 thoughts on “Life Keys

  1. Discover the spiritual laws of Gods Kingdom and put them into action and you will wonder why you struggled in your own strength for so long. If you want Abraham’s blessings you gotta walk the Abraham walk- of Faith.
    Right now when this World seems to be in a mess it is a time to let God show you the ways of His Kingdom. Let go of the worlds Babylonian thinking and control of things and doing it all in our own strength. Let God show you the Eden way of doing things. FAITH, PRAYER and standing with absolute determination on Gods promises; With this kind of Faith you will never fail!!

  2. Hi Grant,
    I haven’t known you long and I don’t know how you appeared on my Twitter and my Facebook but I am always inspired by your messages and I look forward to seeing them each day.

    I have recently separated from my wife and she took my little boy and wouldn’t allow me to spend time with him. I had to take my wife to court just so that I could have some access to him. I still love my wife and I found it a battle within myself to take the person I love to court because she was being very unreasonable. Now I get to see my son for 2 hours a fortnight for the Interim before I go back to court in December 09 which isn’t much but it’s a start. After Dec 09. I should be able to see my little man on alternate weekends for the whole weekend Whoo!!

    I can’t believe things like this happen, but they do! I was struggling with the idea that my wife has left and I felt I had lost my beautiful boy with no choice of my own. I was heart broken! I found it extremely hard to find farthers support organisation it’s like they don’t exist or the ones that do are too busy to even reply voicemails. Very Sad!

    I know you haven’t helped me directly but your posts online have inspired me and helped my journey each day! It gives me confidence that someone is there. Very inspiring keep up the great work. It’s great your organisations is breaking ground using the technology to reach people!

    Your messages always give hope and a great start to each of my days.

    Thanks Grant Keep up the good work!

    Name withheld

    1. Hi mate

      Thank you for taking the time to give me a small glimpse of your story. As a man who once went through a similar situation myself some 15 years ago, my heart goes out to you, your wife and your son.

      Let me encourage you to stay connected to men who can uplift and encourage you as you travel this leg of your journey. Try not to ask yourself questions like “why is this happening” or “how could she do this to me”. Recognise the things you can change,keep loving your wife unconditionally & focus on a future that includes your son.

      I have had the priviledge of helping many families going through your situation. Hope I can be a positive help in yours.

      Look inward and upward. One is the source of your challenges, the other is the strength to overcome them.

      Keep in touch


  3. Hello Grant, what an encouragement and blessing you are. I am impacted by how this medium has blessed others. Grace And Peace to you in Jesus Name, Paul.

  4. Hi Grant
    Thanks for your encouraging words on life – great motivation to live life to the fullest, as was intended!

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