Joe Pane , Director , JP Training and Coaching Pty Ltd

“It is so rare these days to see a speaker and trainer like Grant who is so real, genuine, and so giving of himself. He is a remarkable teacher and excellent communicator of messages that inspire and delight. I am so happy to have met him.”

Tony Egan, Mortgage Choice, 0422 303 630

“As a successful business owner, I was still unsure what was holding me back from producing the greatest return on investment of time. Grant took me through a non-judgmental process that allowed me to find the real reason for my choices, and develop new habits that serve my overall goals. As a result of employing his expertise as a coach, I now have even more clarity and certainty, which gives me more time to secure the right clients for my business. With these new found strategies, I now have the desire to just do it”

Tim Bryan , Director , BCP Group Services Pty Ltd

“I believe first impressions are very important in establishing the character of a person. From the moment I heard Grant speak I was impressed by his excellent communication skills, particularly his ability to adapt and understand his audience. In subsequent meetings Grant has continued to impress me with his professionalism and drive to deliver results.”

Jose Drumond, Director, Commonwealth Bank Mortgage Innovation

“Grant is an inspirational coach who helps you find that hidden, extra belief that is built into you but not yet set into action. His honest and personal approach helps you to explore the potential within and courage to address any limiting beliefs you may have. I strongly recommend Grant to professionals seeking to realise their full potential or achieving additional success in their businesses.”

David Waudby, CEO, Macarthur Business Enterprise Centre

“Grant is an exceptional person that provides a complete 360 degree approach to business coaching. More than Profit and Loss and Cash Flow. I encourage all business operators to utilise Grants services.”

Rebecca Stewart, Managing Director, Career Origin

“Grant Herbert recently presented at an Interview Coaching Workshop offered to Career Origin clients on the subject of self confidence, the importance of body language and empowering yourself to overcome self limiting beliefs, this being a major contributor of whether our clients will achieve success in pursuing their chosen career paths. If you are looking for a motivated, engaging speaker who easily gains the interest of your audience and expertly facilitates the delivery of your message, then do not go past Grant Herbert from People Builders.”

Peter Trent, Macquarie Bank

“Grant Herbert is an outstanding people motivator, organiser and team builder. In his former role as a Church pastor, I’ve seen Grant transform a diverse group of individuals with different cultures, backgrounds and ages into a loyal, motivated and connected team. Grant’s strengths are his energy, the enthusiasm he brings and his ability to make people see the point of what needs to be done. He also speaks from a position of practical success, not just theory. Grant is a genuine, likeable guy and a real pleasure to work with.”

Dan Markovina, Creative Director, Velvet Creative

“Grant is an extrememly enthusiastic person that possesses an amazing desire to bring out the best in people. Friendly and professional, and has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to help anyone achieve their goals. As a client, Grant is easy-going yet focused, he communicates his expectations and outcomes well, and is very open to new ideas and suggestions. I would heartily recommend Grant’s to anyone wishing to make positive changes in their world!”

Stephen Barron, Owner, Red Hot Branding And Marketing

“Grant is a pleasure to do business with, and always with the intention of a successful outcome for both parties involved. I look forward to a continued business relationship with Grant for the long term.”

Sam LA DELFA, Principal Solicitor, Samuel Jones Legal Services

“Grant Herbert is well known as a leader in the fields of Workplace Training and Assessment, Business and Life Keys Coaching. I can personally attest to his detailed knowledge and expertise. I recommend Grant, to all prospective clients if you wish to improve your work / life balance and increase profitability. Times are tough. By engaging People Builders, I have been motivated to bring out my personal best”

Geofrey Smith, General Manager, Acacia Products

“Grant is an energetic, hard working man with proven people motivating abilities. He is a natural leader and shows natural selling ability as well as broader people skills. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities with both large groups and small teams.”


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