Online Marketing

Need a Website that is Flexible and Versatile?

What can Siteflex do for you?
Siteflex is an all-in-one solution for rapid website deployment and user-driven content editing. Thanks to a streamlined web-based interface, you need no technical knowledge to post company news as it happens, update price lists, design web forms and polls, and create highly focussed direct marketing content.

Siteflex is also fundamentally linked to Google. Not only will you be able to track the performance of your website with Google Analytics, but you’ll also achieve a higher Google ranking as our automated site maps work with Googlebot to get your site recognised faster.

Siteflex will also help you understand how customers are currently searching for your product and service, and subsequently allow you to design a more relevant key word optimisation program. Siteflex also notifies Google whenever your website is updated to keep driving new traffic to your business.

Not only is Siteflex highly functional, it also supports all kinds of website designs and types. Whether you are after a very corporate and simple website design structure, or a complex flash driven site, the versatility of Siteflex supports them all.

Siteflex and Solutions Outsourced are the first choice suppliers for People Builders online marketing needs.


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