Goal Setting

Welcome to everyone who is joining me on this journey of taking control of our future by setting some positive goals and going after them. By doing this, we have already put ourselves in the top 3 % of people in the world.

The first step in setting and achieving our goals is to decide WHAT we want. Before we get on to that step though, we need to do some pre work to ensure we set the right goals. We must get our personal mindset in a healthy place and rekindle the fire of dreams past that have been quenched by the circumstances of our journey so far. I suggest we all take a quick trip to the past to let go of any disappointments and regrets. When we do this we will be able to pick up some old dreams we have buried and bring them forward to today. The key to this process being successful, is only staying there for a short time and not getting trapped by a loss of enthusiasm and self belief. As goal setters we now draw a line in the sand, inhabit today and plan our tomorrows. We cannot change the past, we can only learn from it and use our experiences as a motivator to change.

Nothing happens without first a dream……


Over the years my dreams have changed with my priorities. From the age of eight I wanted to own a black 911 Porsche. I used to spend hours dreaming about the freedom of driving it through a mountain range with the top down and a cool breeze in my hair. I had pictures of it everywhere, I made models of it, I already owned it. Along my journey I lost the desire to own that Porsche, as I did with a lot of other things. The car didn’t change but my values and priorities did. For me to set my goals today I must first look at what and who is important to me. Funnily enough, not to many of my dreams today are about material things but more about a lifestyle.

Let’s get started.

Take out a large sheet of paper and find a quiet spot. We are going to spend the next hour putting our dreams on paper. To get the most out of this exercise we need to give ourselves permission to have fun and let go of our fears. Just let our imagination lead us and as soon as something pops into our head, quickly write it down, without leaving enough time to talk ourselves out of it with our limiting beliefs. Go wild, write it all down, fill the page, you can do it!

Over the next few days, and for the rest of our lives, we need to keep adding to this Master Dream List as new dreams are given to us. This becomes a working document of the “desires of our heart”. We will continually maintain this as a reservoir from which to draw enthusiasm, motivation and the raw materials for setting goals.

Values, Beliefs and Priorities


Now that we have taken the first step by deciding what we want, before we go on we need to select which desires on our Master Dream List we will turn into reality right now. To do this we need to filter them through our personal values and beliefs and then put in priority order those that make the grade. There is nothing more frustrating than putting in heaps of effort into something that doesn’t really fit who we are and is not in line with our personal mission statement.

The caption you are straining to read in the picture above really encapsulates what is the most important part of the goal setting journey..

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove: however, the world will be different because I was important in the life of a child.

Personal Mission Statement

Just like a successful multi national corporation, each of us need to have a written mission statement that keeps us on track and accountable. If we know where we ultimately want to end up, and who we want to be when we get there, it is easy to select goals that will take us there. Take some time to think this through and write down a statement that describes this for you. Ask yourself questions like “Why do I exist” and “What is important to me”. An easy way to do this is to imagine you have just been told you only have six months left to live and make a list of what you would get done in that time. You, like most people I talk to about this, would probably have more “people” on your list than “things”.

My personal mission is to help people break free of the sense of hopelessness that comes from not having enough knowledge, time or energy to be all we are called to be in our world. The primary purpose of my life is to serve God, my family and the community around me. Having this in front of me makes it easy to filter any opportunity or dream that comes across my path.

Now that you have taken the time to write one for yourself, you too will have a greater sense of purpose as you set your goals for the future.

O.K, now that we are better equipped for the process, let’s go back to our Master Dream List and cull any entries that do not fit with our values and beliefs that form our mission statement.

Physical, Spiritual, Social and Work

The next step I take is to categorize my dreams into these four areas of my life.

Physical – health, fitness, nutrition, recreation, comfort
Spiritual – God, life purpose, making a difference, helping others
Social – family, home, friends, human interactions
Work – business, job, career, personal growth

We now have four separate lists to prioritise. Simply look at each list and place a number next to each dream, ranking them from most to least importance.

Great work! Now things are a lot clearer. We not only know what we truly want, we know why we want it.

A few weeks ago we started a journey together. By doing this, you have already shown yourself that you can set a goal. The fact that you are still with me means you have everything it takes to turn your dreams into goals and then do what it takes to achieve them. Take a bow, give yourself a “well done”, you are a goal setter!

Planning for Success

Decide what you want, work out the price you have to pay to get it, and if it fits in with what you believe, PAY THE PRICE!
gold_medalNow that we know what we want and why we want it, we now need to develop a plan that will achieve the goal we set. There is nothing new under the sun, everything I share with you I have learnt from others. My hope is that you take what you have learnt and get stuck into it! You can do it, I believe in you.

Have written Goals

Every aspect of your life that rates as a significant decision needs your signature. Your goals, once written down, move out of the realm of “I wish I could have” to “I am going to have”. You are putting it on the line for all to see and declaring your ultimate success. They become accountable and under control and your mental energy not being used by non specific wishes floating aimlessly around your mind, can now be used to transform your dreams into reality.

The second reason for writing down your goals is so you can read them everyday. What we focus on will become our future.

Define your Goals

The more specific you can be in making your goals, the more realistic the chances of achieving them will be. I find 7 to 10 words is all you need to describe a goal.
Being S.M.A.R.T will give you an edge over your goals.

SPECIFIC – single action in a single area
MEASURABLE – you know you are still on track
ACHIEVABLE – something tangible you can touch, smell, feel
REALISTIC – can be achieved without killing yourself
TIMED – has a deadline to work to

Reach out to Achieve

To fulfill the plan we were created to achieve, we need to mature in all aspects of our lives, not just in age, but in skills, wisdom and temperament. We have been designed to extend ourselves by reaching out and advancing our present achievements, progressing towards our peak potential. All of your past experiences in one way or another have been spent attempting this – to proceed past your current level of experience.

Your goals need to be set just outside your comfort zone, in small realistic steps, to extend you further toward your full God given potential.The purpose of reaching a goal is far more than the goal itself, it is more about the person you become along the way.

Believe in your Goals

If you don’t believe you will reach you goals, you will probably be proven correct. Words like “try”, “maybe” or “perhaps” will work against you. If you have planned well, taking the time and care to prepare your written goals, you owe it to yourself to believe in them.

It is so important to not only believe in the goals, but it is even more important to believe in yourself and that you can achieve them. You were created with the same seeds of greatness as everyone else. The only thing standing between you and what is important enough for you to fight for, is you. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can others be expected to believe in you?

Share your Goals

By sharing your goals, with people who want you to achieve them, you not only become accountable, you have a support network to cheer you on. Do not let the fear of negative critisim hold you back. A word of caution, check the fruit on the tree of those you share with.

Maintain a Balance

Ensure you have goals, big or small, in all areas of your life. By doing this we you will maintain the balance between “getting” and “giving” as well as “things” and “people”.
What does it profit you to gain the whole world only to lose what is most important to you.

Set new goals for the future

There would be nothing worse than achieving all your goals and having nothing to move forward on. It is like a dog chasing a car everyday and one day he catches one. What is he going to do tomorrow. The thrill is in the chase. I have coached many people who have explained to me the empty feeling they have felt when actually achieving a goal they have worked long and hard for. Sounds silly but in every case it was because they had no new goals to move forward on. But Grant, I have achieved everything I want. Great, now you can set goals that are all about other people.

I hope this little window into goal setting has encouraged you in some way. Our Goal Setting Workshops and One on One Coaching can help you get into the subject even further, personalising the process, but what we have done over the last few weeks, if actioned, puts you so far ahead of 97% of the people around you. Go for what you want, you deserve it.

I would love to hear from you and share in your success and answer any questions.


Grant Herbert
The People Builder


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