If you kill their giants they will make you king

We all know the story of David and Goliath, a true account of a young man who solved a huge problem for the people of his community and went on to be the king of Israel. Problem solving is one of the greatest attributes of a leader in any sphere of endeavour. In business, we have an opportunity to stand out from everyone else by “solving problems” whilst our competitors are selling their goods and services.

The Israelite nation was being tormented and downtrodden by the Philistines who had sent out their champion, a giant named Goliath, to challenge them to fight. The King and his “warriors” were hiding behind the safety of rocks, in fear, not knowing what to do. Along comes David, a young man with a passion for his people, who stood strong in the face of adversity. He understood the effect the problem was having on the people and cared enough to do something about it. We all know what happened next, he took his slingshot and put a smooth stone right between the eyes of the raging giant…..sending him crashing to the ground, dead. Problem solved!

David was heralded a hero and went on to become king, all because he understood the problem of his people and went into bat for them to solve it.

I am not suggesting we all need to become king of our people…I am however suggesting that the best way to serve others in our lives is to focus on what they need and we will be set apart as someone who can be called upon to lead. This is a great place to be in business, your workplace, your church, family or any other place in your community.

Have an outstanding week, solving problems for those around you. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder


2 thoughts on “If you kill their giants they will make you king

  1. Great post — an old story with continued relevance. The amount of information we process in a day is forcing us to work faster than ever. I think this adds a layer of complexity to leadership. It’s so tempting to skimp on problem analysis — which reveals root cause and potential value — to get to the problem solution stage.

  2. Thanks Grant – Its fabulous how much wisdom there is contained in these familiar stories and parables, particularly when we have such a great interpreter!
    Cheers, Matt

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