A successful marriage starts at the engagement

Successful employee engagement can be best described by the metaphor of marriage. A great marriage is one built on trust, singleness of purpose, mutually beneficial reward and equality. A well balanced marriage provides the opportunity to grow together and the ability to energize each other on a day to day basis. These are also the essential ingredients of employee engagement.

Attraction is the ability to entice the “right people” at the right time to join your team. We put on our best persona and ensure our outward appearance is enough to lure the one we seek. Our behaviour is always at it’s best during this phase and we sometimes appear to be something we are not, just to get what we want. It is only when they see beyond the superficial appearance that they decide if they are going to stick around.

Retention is about making sure we get the return on the time and money we spend on attraction, creating an environment where people want to stay on the team long term. A higher level of commitment from both parties is essential for this to occur, looking for reasons why it will work and overcoming minor challenges along the way.

Engagement is the start of any successful marriage. The two becoming one flesh, for better for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. An engaged employee not only wants to stay, they are excited about the role they play and tell everyone about it with a huge smile on their face. They overlook the little things and concentrate on what truly matters in preparing for the marriage. The size of the ring is not as important to them as is the way they are treated , spoken about, nurtured and respected. They are proud to stand side by side with you, fighting for what you both believe in.

Engagement is the number one key. You can attract and recruit great people and train them extensively, but unless you engage them, all your efforts may be a waste of time and money.

Over the next few weeks we will look at seven keys to having engaged people who do more with less.

Have an outstanding week. You deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder


I receive a lot of praise for the work I…

I receive a lot of praise for the work I do because of the public profile I have as a speaker and author. Whilst my identity is secure and I do not need that to keep being who I am, I still enjoy it. Can I take this moment to say that there are many people in my life that make what you see me do possible; my kids, my friends, my associates and the most important one of all, my beautiful wife Paula. If it was not for her unconditional love for me, in good times and bad, I could not do what I do. Thank you my darling from everything I have within me to give. You are my queen, my lover and my best friend.

You have the business but do you have the balance?

Do you have all the time in your world for work, for family, for friends, for your own needs and development?

Is your business serving the purpose of your life or are you just serving your business?

These are two questions I ask myself every week as I take time to put some perspective into what I am doing and where I am going. Balance is a state of being that differs from person to person. Stage of life, the size of your vision, the attitudes and beliefs you own; they all determine what balance is for you. I can only share from my perspective, therefore, to make this about you and not me, extract what rings a bell with you and intermingle it with your own story. Your Perfect Balance is waiting for you; the first step is to find it.

Self-awareness is the first key to taking action to restore your perfect balance, right now.

What is Perfect Balance?

My definition – Creating time, space and energy to be everyone I need to be in all areas of my life. Being able to produce my desired business outcomes without sacrificing everything else that is important to me. Maintaining a state of motivation and inspiration whilst bringing out my very best game at all times. Making sound decisions and quickly bouncing back from setbacks. Accomplishing more without working longer or harder in an environment that is simple and uncluttered. Enjoying real peace and contentment, living my life on purpose, making a difference for me and mine and the people I serve.

Perfect Balance is a journey

Just because I am considered by others as a “expert” in Personal Leadership doesn’t mean I have it all together, all the time. What it does mean however is that my level of awareness is high and I have measures in place to keep me accountable. I have empowered myself and others to speak into my life when they can see I am teetering on the tightrope or have one wheel in the gravel with a possibility of running off the track. The greatest of all my check points comes neatly wrapped in a package of 3 simple but powerful words. For what purpose….?

What is the Purpose of me owning a Business?

Having a clear reason to be in business, one that is a derivative of my Personal Mission Statement, allows me to keep perspective in regard to the hours of energy I am prepared to invest in that area of my life. Business, for me, is a means of giving of myself for the benefit of others and receiving an income that allows me to provide for my family, leaving an inheritance for my children’s children. This statement gives me clarity and reminds me of what I value, Giving, Family and Future Generations.

Each week as I assess what has passed and what is to come, I can clearly see if I am remaining true to my values and what is important to me. If my week has been filled with activity that does not serve my purpose, has not given to others and has given me no time for my family, the business is not serving me and I am serving it.

For what Purpose are you in Business?

This article can only be of benefit to you if you take the time to stop, right now, and allow those 3 simple words to start your journey towards Perfect Balance. Becoming self-aware of where you need to adjust is less expensive than putting your head in the sand and finding out the hard way. I have been there and it is not pretty. Thank God I have had Mentors strategically placed in my life to teach me what I now know. There is no failure only feedback. What feedback is my story giving you? What are you pretending not to know, that if you were to know would empower you to take massive action and make the adjustments you desire, right now?

Have a perfectly balanced week, you deserve it!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder