Attitudes are Contagious

positve_attitude_smileYour attitude is one of the most important assets you have. It is one of the few things in life that each of us has total control over. We choose on a daily basis what attitudes we will adopt in our personal and business lives.

I believe you only get one shot at life, this is not a dress rehearsal, so why not enjoy it! Your attitude will determine the success of every endeavour as well as have an overwhelming effect on those around us.

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

Studies have shown that people want to be around people with a good attitude. Have you ever had someone around you that had a bad attitude and after a while you started having negative thoughts and it brought you down. I know I have and I couldn’t wait to get away. I wonder how many people I do that to each week. Looking at this a better way though is to ask yourself how many people are drawn to me because I have a good attitude.

We carry in each of us the seeds of greatness required to be everything we are called to be. The choices we make as to where to plant those seeds and what to feed them, will have determine the size of the tree and the fruit it bears. As with every part of our growth, a great attitude needs to be cultivated every day, in every arena of our life.


As the man in our home, I set the tone of the attitude. If I wake up each day like a bear with a sore head, looking down on myself and the world, chances are so will everyone in my family. I cannot control every situation, good or bad, but I can control my attitude. My attitude in our home is the soil I provide for our marriage and kids to grow in.


Most business owners I work with would rather retain staff with great attitudes than great skills. You can train skills but it is a little harder to change other people’s attitudes. As a business owner myself, I can only influence the attitudes of my clients and those who work with me. If things are not going well in a situation, check your attitude!

Just as in the home, we set the tone in our workplace. If we want our staff to have a great attitude towards us, their colleagues and our customers…..model a great attitude.


A bad attitude is a repelling force that makes it very hard to keep healthy friendships. People will run away to a more enjoyable environment and you will wonder what happened. Oh sure, we all have friends who love us unconditionally and will put up with anything, but if we want to have healthy long term relationships we need to be someone fun to be around.

It begins with our thoughts

As we looked at last week, our thoughts and beliefs colour our vision and perception of the world. Thinking positive thoughts will produce a platform for choosing a positive attitude. Thoughts about self, others and situations will grow into ingrained attitudes when they are continually rehearsed and entertained. This is a positive as well as a negative fact. It takes the same amount of energy to have positive or negative thoughts but the outcomes produce a vastly different harvest.

Self Talk

The tongue is a creative force! We have a God given ability to speak situations into existence. If we are always down in our speech about ourselves, others and situations, then chances are we will have a negative attitude and produce negative results. Practice speaking good about things and watch what it produces. Our words become self fulfilling prophecy. Start every day with positive thoughts and positive communication and have positive outcomes. It really is that simple! If we jump out of bed proclaiming “Good morning God” rather than “Good god it’s morning”, we give our day a far better head start.

The art of cultivating a great attitude, in all areas of life, is crucial to living a life of perfect balance.

Is our attitude worth catching? Join me on this daily quest to spread the good news.

Have a great week, you deserve it!


Grant Herbert

The People Builder


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are those things you believe about yourself that place limitations on your abilities. They may be conscious or unconscious, founded or unfounded, but either way you will never rise above your self-belief.

“If you think you can…. or if you think you can’t…you’re right!” – Henry Ford

You can do anything if you make up your mind to do it. Determination always finds a way around obstacles. It all depends on what you believe about yourself.

Our thoughts and beliefs colour our vision and perception of the world. They determine our actions or inactions.

Thoughts affect feelings. Feelings affect behaviour. Behaviour determines result. It all begins with our thoughts, since we have to accept a thought for it to become a belief.

Whatever you believe becomes your reality. You do not believe what you see; rather you see what you already believe. For this reason, two people facing the same situation may interpret it differently, act according to their different beliefs and experience different outcomes.

Limiting beliefs stifle our progress. They leave us trying to act forward, but believing backward. They have been described as a malicious thermostat; you can take all the action you want, and in the right direction too. But anytime you make progress, the thermostat pulls you back to conform to your inner negative programming.

Your thoughts and beliefs are your programming. You cannot move beyond them. To get out of the vicious cycle of acting forward but believing backward you’ve got to identify the negative thoughts, and eliminate them, consciously and continuously. Sometimes it’s a lifelong battle, but one that you can win a day at a time.

You can get rid of limiting beliefs. But first you have to identify them. They could be lurking in the recesses of our minds without our awareness. Talking with a friend or consulting with a coach could give you more objective feedback as to their existence.

Once you have identified them, these limiting beliefs must be challenged every time they rear their heads. You must consciously reject any thought or suggestion that you are limited in any way. There is nothing you cannot do. You simply need to find the way and follow it to conclusion.

When self-limiting thoughts are starved of attention, they wither and die. Whatever you give attention to magnifies: whatever you do not attend to shrivels up and dies. Jim Rohn says it aptly: “You cannot take the mild approach to the weeds in your mental garden. You have got to hate weeds enough to kill them. Weeds are not something you handle; weeds are something you devastate.”

No one is better than you are. If others do better, it is simply because they have had more practise, more experience, and/or they know something that you don’t. And all this can be remedied. God created us all equal. It’s what we build upon His initial investment that makes the difference.

In a nut shell, you must control the thoughts that play around in your mind. Admit and nurture only those that enhance your positive programming and move you to your goals.

Limiting beliefs could come from the things people said to us and about us while we grew up. Now is the time to devastate these weeds. They could also come from listening to negative people, watching and listening to negative TV and radio programs, reading negative books and magazines, and repeatedly hearing negative song lyrics. Always be on the look-out for possible sources, not fearfully, but with the view to detect and devastate them.

A better way to deal with self-limiting thoughts is to prevent them in the first place. Examining the list of sources above will give you an idea of where their opposites (self-empowering beliefs) can be found – in the opposite directions! If you spend time with wholesome people and material, this will build healthy, wholesome thought patterns. A mind that is girded with strong, empowering thoughts is in fit enough condition to resist invasion by these malicious, illegal aliens.

Invest in inspirational books, seminars, CDs etc. Engage in positive self-talk or affirmations. And just in case self-limiting thoughts slip through unnoticed, perform periodic “mind-sanitation exercises” where you do some self-evaluation. Sometimes a seminar attendance or listening to an audio program is what will alert you of this incursion.

How can you expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?

It’s true, we are the sum total today of our past thoughts and experiences, but the good news is today is the first day in the rest of your life. Time to draw a line in the sand and move forward in a new direction, replacing the negative with bucket loads of positive. You can if you believe you can!

Have a awesome week, you deserve it!


Grant Herbert

The People Builder

Planning to Succeed

Decide what you want, work out the price you have to pay to get it, and if it fits in with what you believe, PAY THE PRICE!
gold_medalNow that we know what we want and why we want it, we now need to develop a plan that will achieve the goal we set. There is nothing new under the sun, everything I share with you I have learnt from others. My hope is that you take what you have learnt and get stuck into it! You can do it, I believe in you.

Have written Goals

Every aspect of your life that rates as a significant decision needs your signature. Your goals, once written down, move out of the realm of “I wish I could have” to “I am going to have”. You are putting it on the line for all to see and declaring your ultimate success. They become accountable and under control and your mental energy not being used by non specific wishes floating aimlessly around your mind, can now be used to transform your dreams into reality.

The second reason for writing down your goals is so you can read them everyday. What we focus on will become our future.

Define your Goals

The more specific you can be in making your goals, the more realistic the chances of achieving them will be. I find 7 to 10 words is all you need to describe a goal.
Being S.M.A.R.T will give you an edge over your goals.

SPECIFIC – single action in a single area
MEASURABLE – you know you are still on track
ACHIEVABLE – something tangible you can touch, smell, feel
REALISTIC – can be achieved without killing yourself
TIMED – has a deadline to work to

Reach out to Achieve

To fulfill the plan we were created to achieve, we need to mature in all aspects of our lives, not just in age, but in skills, wisdom and temperament. We have been designed to extend ourselves by reaching out and advancing our present achievements, progressing towards our peak potential. All of your past experiences in one way or another have been spent attempting this – to proceed past your current level of experience.

Your goals need to be set just outside your comfort zone, in small realistic steps, to extend you further toward your full God given potential.The purpose of reaching a goal is far more than the goal itself, it is more about the person you become along the way.

Believe in your Goals

If you don’t believe you will reach you goals, you will probably be proven correct. Words like “try”, “maybe” or “perhaps” will work against you. If you have planned well, taking the time and care to prepare your written goals, you owe it to yourself to believe in them.

It is so important to not only believe in the goals, but it is even more important to believe in yourself and that you can achieve them. You were created with the same seeds of greatness as everyone else. The only thing standing between you and what is important enough for you to fight for, is you. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can others be expected to believe in you?

Share your Goals

By sharing your goals, with people who want you to achieve them, you not only become accountable, you have a support network to cheer you on. Do not let the fear of negative critisim hold you back. A word of caution, check the fruit on the tree of those you share with.

Maintain a Balance

Ensure you have goals, big or small, in all areas of your life. By doing this we you will maintain the balance between “getting” and “giving” as well as “things” and “people”.
What does it profit you to gain the whole world only to lose what is most important to you.

Set new goals for the future

There would be nothing worse than achieving all your goals and having nothing to move forward on. It is like a dog chasing a car everyday and one day he catches one. What is he going to do tomorrow. The thrill is in the chase. I have coached many people who have explained to me the empty feeling they have felt when actually achieving a goal they have worked long and hard for. Sounds silly but in every case it was because they had no new goals to move forward on. But Grant, I have achieved everything I want. Great, now you can set goals that are all about other people.

I hope this little window into goal setting has encouraged you in some way. Our Goal Setting Workshops and One on One Coaching can help you get into the subject even further, personalising the process, but what we have done over the last few weeks, if actioned, puts you so far ahead of 97% of the people around you. Go for what you want, you deserve it.

I would love to hear from you and share in your success and answer any questions.


Grant Herbert
The People Builder

Happy Fathers Day

DadandbabyAustralians will celebrate Fathers Day tomorrow in many different ways. Kids everywhere will burn toast in the quest to show Dad just how much he means to them. My two youngest children have been scheming for last couple of weeks, hiding presents and whispering to mum and telling me not to listen. I am looking forward to the phone calls from my other three who have already left the nest. Fathers Day is a big day for me and my family.

Those of you who are reading this will either be a father, have a father or know someone who is a father. Fathers are everywhere! I am also well aware that for some people Fathers Day is a sad reminder of times past and my heart goes out to you. My Dad went to be with the Lord in 2000 and I still miss him every year.

We live amidst a fatherlessness epidemic. Millions of kids live without their dad in their lives, whether he lives with them or not. We need to do what we can do to turn the tide and it all starts with becoming better equipped to be a father ourselves. To role model positive attitudes and behaviours to our future fathers. To draw a line in the sand, moving on from past hurts and failures and having a go!

Fathers Day is a celebration of the beautiful gift we have been given, Fatherhood. The daunting yet rewarding responsibility to model our children into adulthood. Sounds scary and it is!

I want to encourage dads to give themselves a break. Being a dad in todays world is one of the toughest gigs going around. If you are having a go, well done! If you feel overwhelmed, like I sometimes do, get some help! If you no longer get to be a dad to your kids through separation or divorce, pray for your kids everyday! Stop trying to be the perfect Dad, we never will be. Even the Bible says to “aim for perfection”. It doesn’t say anywhere that we will achieve it. I have messed it up so many times with my kids and after 24 years of being a dad I am still learning every day.

If you are reading this post and you are a dad who is feeling overwhelmed, a mum who hasn’t got a dad for her kids or a kid who struggles with understanding their dad; take heart, there is help out there. Drop me a reply with your story and I will connect you with someone in your area who can help.

Happy Fathers Day!


Grant Herbert
The People Builder